The Target OFS Secondary Spill Containment Systems consists of a monolithic poly membrane containment envelope with bracketed, pop up sidewalls for quick deployment. Our versatile system can be customized for the most taxing of containment applications to include, but not limited to: tanker trucks, roll-off containers, frac tanks, decon wash pads, emergency response, drum storage and portable pumps. Our easy to deploy, pop up design is ready to use in minutes. Our units are portable, lightweight, flexible, UV resistant, ACID proof, and dependably durable. Our system comes fully equipped with non-slip track guard and support bridges to ensure safety and protect the structural integrity of our containment berms. Delivery and maintenance, cleaning and recovery of containment system, location reclamation and proper disposal of regulated and hazardous materials are all included with our service.

The Target OFS Secondary Spill Containment System is a portable, customizable secondary containment system that protects the environment and your bottom line.

Target Oilfield Services, LLC is a diverse environmental service company. The core of our company is our environmental solutions division that is responsible for the deployment of our Target Oilfield Services Secondary Spill Containment System, along with offering a full range of first response packages that include containment, site remediation, disposal (with approved carriers and landfills) and site reclamation.

Our industrial cleaning team as well as our roustabout division is available 24 hours a day.

Our heavy equipment division can quickly respond to a range of needs from an environmental spill to building a new location.

Owning our own fuel company enables us to keep our transportation costs at a minimum allowing us to pass along the savings to our customers. It also gives us the ability to make On Road/Off Road Diesel and Unleaded fuel sales at a discounted rate available to our customers.

Target Oilfield Services is the solution to any and all your companies environmental needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to building a strong working relationship.